Monday, June 3, 2013

Con Carolinas 2013

So Con Carolinas in Charlotte, NC is a great SF/F convention. Seriously. I recommend it to anyone at all, especially if you are remotely close. Great people, interesting panels, and a comfortable, friendly atmosphere.

I've been going to this Con since 2008, I think. It was the first con I ever went to, and it will be on my list for a long, long time. I'm really a big fan of it.

In 2010, I think, I met John G. Hartness, author of The Black Knight Chronicles and the Bubba the Monster Hunter stories. And it was through the con and meeting him that I got to work on my first big publication: The Big Bad: an Anthology of Evil from Dark Oak Press. I'm co-editor of the volume, and I also have a short story, "The Wicked Witch and the White Knight" in it. 

In other posts ('cause I've decided to keep up this blog a bit better) I'll talk about editing and what it means to edit on both the large scale (how do you set up an anthology? how do you pick pieces?) to the small scale (how do editors and writers work together?), but for now, I just want to be excited about the book.

This weekend I got to autograph my publication for the first time. It was way cool and I hope to get to do it again! Though we weren't able to have a traditional launch party (the books didn't arrive), a bunch of the authors got to hang out and share the excitement of having published something awesome.

The Big Bad is a lot of fun. The stories in it a great. The theme--all the stories have a villain for the protagonist--produced a ton of great material.  I couldn't be happier with what John and I have done (and what the authors have done!) 

We're gearing up to start Volume II of the Big Bad, and I can hardly wait!