Friday, September 7, 2012

It's been a few months...

... and they've been busy months.  I last posted in March! 

Summer involved two rewrites of the novel I'm writing with Sarah, three cons (Con Carolinas, FandomFest, and Dragon Con), and some new opportunities.

The rewrites of Knychtspelle went well.  Hopefully the last set of rewrites before we do rewrites for money. We'll see.

The cons were lots of fun. Lots of socializing, parties, chatting, connecting, learning, buying books, getting books signed, etc.  Dragon Con was amazing with all the costumes and stuff. I even bought a trebuchet--well, a miniature model of one. A real one would be cool, but perhaps too much work to transport. It's a medieval siege weapon that hurls stones over walls via a swinging weight system. I'm going to use it in my medieval and renaissance classes, to shoot things (good things like marshmallows) at my students.

The Newest opportunity that I'm excited about at the moment is editing an anthology with John Hartness tentatively called "The Big Bad." It's focus is all on villains--the MC has to be a villain. There really aren't any other requirements.  So far we're reading slush and I'm really impressed with some of the stories. They're really creepy and good.  If this goes well, we'll be editing another anthology in the next year--a spec fic one with the theme of corsets. That one will certainly be interesting.

I also published a piece in Drafthorse: A Literary Journal of Work and no Work called "Form 99B." 
I've got an academic article on the Siege of Jerusalem coming out in October in the South Eastern Medieval Association Journal. I'm excited about that too. 

All of this, though, has cut a bit into the writing I want to do on my new YA idea. It's forming in my head, which is a good thing, but I need to get it all out on paper, too.  I'm excited about it, because I love the main character and I think it is going to be dark and adventurous, but not dystopian. And it is set in a Fae world, too.  The MC is Cassie, and I'm enjoying getting to know her better.  I'm hoping once I get a conference paper written, I can turn back to Cassie and see what she's got to say and do.  It's the first novel I've written from a one-pov perspective, and it is in first person, too, so I'll have to see how that goes. 

And school is going on, which is a good thing. I'm enjoying my classes--I've even got a great, enthusiastic 8:00am class, which is awesome. 

So, all in all, while there's a fair bit of stress, most of it is good stress, or hopeful stress, and that is something I can cope with.