Sunday, May 22, 2011

More from the Query trenches

So, Knightspelle has had 4 agents request to read stuff.  One said "good, but not for me..." and the other three have yet to comment.  We still have around 40 queries out.  Today we had another agent request a longer synopsis. She liked our writing, but wanted more detail. This synopsis needs to be five pages. And I was SO proud of the one we got down to one page.  So I'm off to write (no, rewrite) the synopsis to make it five pages. We've got a four page one, and a two page one. I think expanding it is going to be difficult. Cutting was easier.

But all this is, as I keep reminding myself, GOOD stress, EXCITING stress.  And hopefully it will all go the way that we want--we'll end up with an agent and Knightspelle will find a publishing home!

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