Friday, May 6, 2011

It's not all wine and roses...

... but it is a start...

So, they query process has been painful in some ways, including rejections that manage to not even fall into the realm of polite. Most rejections have been form letters that say "thanks, but I'm/we're not interested."

We've sent out around 55 queries for Knightspelle. We've gotten about 8-10 rejections. We've got a better query pitch. (We rewrote our pitch after about 4 rejections.)  And since we sent it out, we have gotten two requests for manuscripts. One agent wanted a full, and the other agent wanted the first chapter. I'm sure the one who wanted the first chapter will respond pretty fast. The other one said to give her 3 months.

I'm excited. But mostly I'm stunned. On one hand I believe in our project. I believe in our characters and our novel. I think it would entertain lots of people.  On the other hand, I can't believe that "gatekeepers" in the publishing industry are interested in our writing.

But even if we end up with "nos" from these, we still have the upside that people in the industry found our book interesting. Now, it isn't if someone likes it well enough, but who we will find that does. In the grand scheme of taking the successes as they come, I'll certain call the past few days a "win."

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