Friday, April 1, 2011

Preparing for the Query Process

So I've written two novels. Knightspelle and Hell Mary: Full of Fire. The first is with my co-author, Sarah Adams. The second is my own. I've given 'em to beta readers. I've edited 'em. Now it's time to see if they really work. I'm getting ready to start querying agents. I've got my initial agent list. I've got my list of their requirements. It reminds me a lot of applying for professorial jobs when I was at the end of grad school. Everybody wants basically the same thing.  That is, they want a query letter, they want some sample pages, and they want a synopsis.  The specifics vary, and require charts. Some people want a 1 page synopsis. Some people want a 5 page one. Some people want the first three chapters, some the first ten pages, some the first chapter.  Some want by email, with everything in the body (that's common), some want attachments (rare), some want by snail mail (definitely rare).  This is all fine, of course. It's part of the job, part of what you do to get an agent, etc.  But it is nit-picky detail work.  I want to (and will) follow the guidelines, but I do sort of wish they all wanted one thing, so I could put a massive amount of work into ONE packet.  I'm personalizing all the agent letters they are personal. They are the agents I've heard of, whose authors I read and enjoy, who I think would be fabulous agents, and who I think would like the stuff I've written.

All of the work, though, is not much compared to the anxiety. If no one wants it, of course I'll pick myself up again and start over. There's no point in NOT doing that. But it is still scary. I know my books are good. I like them, and I've read them a lot. But that doesn't make showing them to others, to people that matter, any less nerve wracking.

So, wish me luck, y'all.  :)

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  1. Good luck. I'm sending out to agents, and have to re-modify my synopsis. I managed to hone it to 2 1/2 pages; now this agency wants 3-5 paragraphs. Back to cutting...