Sunday, April 17, 2011

A little perspective

So, the other day I wrote about our first "no" on Knightspelle. As I said, I'd been thinking about how to define "success" and all that.

Then yesterday happened and I got a little perspective.  At a bit after four p.m., the tornado sirens around my place (I think near Methodist University) went off.  I'd been watching the news, watching a tornado heading straight for Raleigh, and thinking "gee, I hope we don't get any here."  The news station was in Raleigh, so while they were mentioning the cell near Fayetteville, it was not their priority.

So, I grabbed my two cats that were downstairs and hid in the closet under the stairs with my cellphone. The tv was loud enough that I could hear it, and I could hear them discussing what was happening and saying that, indeed, tornados had hit Fayetteville, too.

My phone rang--my house phone--and it occurred to me that maybe I should have brought it in the closet with me. I didn't go fetch it. Eventually I got a text from my bf's mom. Her power was out, so I told her that I was fine, but hiding in a closet.  I got a call from my bf. He was at work, and I told him I was fine, but still in the closet.

I kept checking updates on my phone. After the warning had passed, I came out of the closet (you had to know the joke was coming)--much to the delight of my kitties. My place is fine. My bf's place is fine. My school is fine.

Lots of folks are not fine. Apparently it passed between me and my school and my bf's place and did some serious, serious damage.

So, to conclude: rejection sucks. But at least I didn't get blown away by a tornado. Thank God for that.

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  1. I can only imagine how scary that must have been. Here in Vancouver we are raised with earthquake drills because the big one is overdue and could happen at anytime. It's a scary thought, but easier not to dwell on it. We know how to deal with earthquakes if they happen. But as such, the only reason I even know much about tornados, period, is that I have a geography degree and took a natural hazards course in university. Is this the first time you've had one strike so close to home?