Saturday, April 16, 2011

It took less than 24 hours...

To get the first rejection of Knightspelle. Magical Words has been doing a series on how to measure success, and that just sending out stuff is a success.  So, WHEE! Or not. It's hard not to be discouraged a little bit, but there isn't any cure for it but to keep moving forward. The rejection was cheerful and pleasant with a "I swear we read it and read it carefully, but it wasn't for us..." and "remember it only takes one yes." All in all, very friendly.  It was by email (query and rejection, obviously, as I don't think there is a place in the US where the post moves that fast anymore), and so very much a form letter.  I wasn't certain we were the right fit for this agency and agent, as our work is in the genre she works with, but not quite in the same category as the stuff that she lists that she really likes.

But, ONWARD, without ado! :)

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