Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yay I win!

Which is something that doesn't happen very often.  I won a contest over at Magical Words ( for a signed copy of How to Write Magical Words.  I'm excited!

I'm also finishing my novel--Hell Mary--tonight for the Suduvu contest.  If I say it out loud (that is, write it on a blog) it will happen.  I'll get the thing submitted tonight and let it go. Next week I'll start on the synopsis and query letters for it, too, and start sending those out.  It scares me to put it out there, but what makes me more worried is my lack of enthusiasm for the book right now.  I read it and I think "yeah, this is pretty good, but maybe it is crap."  People have told me that they like it. People have told me it is good.  People who are not morons, whose opinions I value, etc.  So I think I'm just done with it for a while. It is time to send it out because any more revisions are small, and feel like they aren't doing anything. I think this just means that I need to send it out, see if it can fly in the world and move on to something else.

Ooh!  What's that over there? A new shiny!! Hooray!!!

So, I think I'm going to start work on another novel that started out as a story that I thought up randomly for a romance/erotica e-press.  Now I'm going to see how far it goes and see if it is a novel, or if it is a story, or if it is nothing at all.  I like my main character and the opening dilemma.  Now let's just see if I like her for long enough to write a whole book about her.

And then there is the stack of grading that is staring at me accusingly.  And the editing that I need to get done, and will get done, tomorrow--and I might start on it later tonight.  We'll see.