Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jet Lag is Painful

Having arrived back home from England, I promptly got a migraine which kept me sleeping it off for far too many hours. This explains why I am up at 5:00am.  This does not adequately explain why I have infomercials on. Nor does it explain the infomercials themselves. The first was for a baby-food maker. I don't object to one making one's own baby food. But the women were weirdly excited about what amounted to, really, a blender with a happy face on it. And the woman with the fake baby that she was bouncing in her arms was creepy.  Now they've moved on (presumably for the post baby crowd) to body shapers. In these infomercials, fat women explain how they hate their jiggly fat, and thin women put on body shapers. It's odd. And vaguely offensive. Watching a thin woman pretend to struggle fastening her jeans is sad. And so, I must conclude that mothers who have insecurities about what they are feeding their small children and how they themselves look are up late watching A&E, because these wouldn't be on if they didn't sell.

I think I'll stop before I have a mild feminist freak out about hiding post-baby bodies because they are ugly.

Like I said, jet lag is painful.  Someone ought to start a telethon.

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