Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Writing Life...

The first post on this blog is about balance because that is what is on my mind today.  Specifically, how to write when writing isn't my job.  Sure it is the job I want, and sure I love it (most of the time), but it is not what pays the bills.  This means, especially lately, things that "pay the bills" have had to take precedence over writing.

Sad to say, in the past week I've only gotten in about 6 hours of writing.  That's less that an hour a day. (And who says English majors aren't good at math?)

There are times in my life (particularly around the end of the semester or term, which is where I am now) where my day job as an English Professor takes over the rest of my life.  That doesn't mean my deadlines for writing or editing go away, and it doesn't mean I should or want to put aside either of them. But sometimes it happens.  Papers have to be graded, tests have to be written, administered, and graded. Grades must be calculated and turned in.

I have to find ways to make sure that I write. I have to prioritize that, and sometimes that means letting other things go.  More often, it means less sleep.

I'm hovering in a space of "almost done," and I've been there for six months, and it is making me crazy. So I'm going to get writing done today. Even if it is just a chapter edit. One edit today is one step closer to writing "THE END" at, well, the end of the novel, and mean it.